A successful regional flexible workspace offering – Officenter opens 7 new locations in Belgium

Officenter is one of the most important regional flexible workspace operators in Belgium. The company is opening up 7 new centres to grow their network to 16 locations in total thanks to the support of local investors. The model of regional flex offices offering proves to be valid. A discussion with Christa Joucke, Co-Owner & Managing Director at Officenter. Learn more about their story and model in this interview.


An interesting conversation about regional flexible workspaces – the Officenter case

    • What’s the story behind Officenter and its success? 
    • How did they manage to get so many local investors and what’s their profile? 
    • How did Officenter go through the Covid-19 crisis and what’s their current situation? 
    • What are Officenter plans?
    • How do they envision the future? 

Insightful talk with Officenter’s Managing Director

    • Christa Joucke, Co-owner & Managing Director at Officenter (Belgium)

Christa Joucke: “A lot of big companies are now questioning the way they handle their facilities. They come to business centres and say that they need flexibility and new solutions […]. The working close to home movement is also a positive thing for us. I was confident before Corona but I’m even more confident now” 

Officenter (BE): “Regional flex offering works: we are growing our network to a total of 16 locations!”
Recorded – July 7th, 2021 – Coworking Europe Hub

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