Warsaw was named the ‘undisputed leader’ for the number of coworking spaces in Poland.
The capital city counts 94 locations, o2ccupying over 158,000 sqm. sqm of areas with over 21,000 workstations.
The next largest markets are Kraków with 30 spaces over 37,000 sqm and 4,700 workstations and Wrocław with 16 over 27,000 sqm and 2,700 workstations.
The average price for renting one workstation in the country is about 242 euros per month.
The lowest average price for one desk is in Gdańsk and amounts to 213 euros per month, and the highest is 259 euros per month in Warsaw.

Read the full report by finne and REDD Group here: https://finne.pl/knowledge-base/wszystko-o-coworkingu-w-polsce-raport-redd-i-finne