UK Real estate investment firm Castleforge continues to expand its flexible brand Clockwise Offices, as part of more than £1 billion of investments across the UK and Europe.
Michael Kovacs, Founding Partner of Castleforge, said:“‘Smart investors’ will direct their capital toward flexible office spaces this autumn.”

A recent analysis carried out by the firm shows that the average length of stay in an office space has plummeted to half of what it was from 14 years to just 7.

Moving forward Castleforge predicts “that only two categories of office space will deliver a good yield for investors” in the future:
1. Flexible workspaces generating higher stabilized income yields through reduced customer acquisition costs, with appealing buy-and-hold returns.
2. ‘best-of-the-best’ spaces for large multinational companies, with traditional 15-year leases.”

Clockwise currently operates 15 spaces across the UK, Belgium, and The Netherlands.

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