Luxembourg launched its national Flex Workspace Association.
The first event was organized on September 19th, with the presence of the Minister of Economy Lex Delles.

The association, legally launched 18 months ago, is nowadays the contact point between the Flexible Workspace/Coworking industry and the authorities. The first discussions have already helped to set up a legal framework to operate flex workspaces in the country and offer, a.o., legal address services.

The UK, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland and, soon to come, The Netherlands have now established associations representing flexible workspace and coworking operators. This definitely offers a higher visibility to the local industry, helps to structure the market and proposes a contact point for any outsider or authority aiming at engaging with the sector.
Coworking Europe was of course attending.

In Europe, countries such as Austria, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, and Poland, among others, to our knowledge, haven’t had the opportunity to set up a body representing the interests of the coworking industry yet. We hope it’s just a matter of time, as the advantages far exceed the pain of putting a national organization in place.