The Latvian coworking market is growing with the expansion of Workland Offices, the leading flexible office space solutions company in the Baltics.

The company has announced its expansion in Riga’s greenest office complex Verde, and will operate 2,200 sqm of flex floors in the building.
The expansion of Workland in Verde is already generating significant interest, with close to half of the new spaces pre-booked ahead of completion.

“In light of the current economic trends, where companies are downsizing traditional offices and seeking more flexible options, our expansion is timely. It’s not just about offering a space; it’s about fostering a community. In a world where remote work is becoming the norm, the sense of community that Workland provides is more crucial than ever. We’re not just scaling square footage; we’re scaling opportunities for connection and collaboration”, said Indrek Hääl, Founder and CEO of Workland.

Workland currently operates 16 spaces across the Baltic region.

Other coworking operators in Riga include players like Coworking Riga, THE MILL Riga, Teikums, OraculeTangSpace, TechHub Riga, Coworking Liepaja, Hamann Coworking, University of Latvia Business incubator and more.

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