Swedish foundation Norrsken has opened a 10,000-square-meter coworking space in Barcelona targeted at technology and innovation startups.
The space, which will officially open on Nov. 24th aims to bring together 700+ companies under one roof.
The brand invested 6+ million euros in the renovation of the building.

“Through Norrsken Club, we are focusing on the know-how by creating a community and a space dedicated to impact. This can be a game-changing network for the future of Barcelona’s entrepreneurs, enabling them to access capital, growth, and new opportunities,” said Marc Jordana Soldevila CEO and Co-Founder of Norrsken Barcelona.

This is the 3rd hub of the brand after Stockholm and Kigali.

Read more about it here: https://novobrief.com/driving-barcelonas-tech-scene-norrsken-unleashes-social-club-for-founders/10491/