THE SHIRE – Beyond Coworking , a new Polish operator entering the flex workspace market, is rolling out a Poland wide coworking footprint.

The company aims at positioning itself at the higher end of the market. A second 1.500 m2 big location is to open in Warsaw on April 2024, in the Spire, one of the city’s most recent and iconic office tower. New locations will soon be opened as well in the cities of Poznan and Wroclaw.

The Shire – Beyond Coworking is supported by the private equity firm Devonshire Investment Group and initiated by two founders coming from the Real Estate industry Oskar Odziemczyk and Rafał Pisklewicz.

It shows coworking is nowadays seen in Poland as a creditworthy financial investment target.

“Our centres in Małachowski Square and the Warsaw Spire mark just the beginning of our expansion. Our goal is also to develop our network into the largest regional cities and become a key player on the Polish coworking market”, say the founders.