Oslo’s coworking spaces occupation is above 80%, nowadays, thanks to a rise in demand and… a temporary decrease in offering.

According to a study published by UNION, a Norwegian research and asset management company, the total number of flexible worksposts decreased in 2023 for the first time after six years of steady progression.

The closure of WeWork facilities in Oslo as well as the challenges experienced by the flexible office provider Evolve, have cut the global offering by almost 13%.

The mother company of Evolve, property owner Recreate, has put an end to the operation of its flexible workspace arm last year.

Evolve, which started its activities in 2005, operated 16+ locations across the broad Oslo area. However, the company recorded losses of more than 5,5 Millions €, last year.

Despite the situation, one operator out of three plans to open new locations or increase their existing capacities in the coming year, says UNION.
IWG plc, with Spaces. offices | co-working | meeting rooms. and Regus has a 30% market share of the Oslo flexible workspace market. Share Spaces, House of Business AS, Mesh Oslo Epicenter Oslo INC.works657 Oslo Flyt, are among the most important providers nowadays in Oslo, according to UNION.