Padel and Coworking combined multi-services projects are popping up in Italy as well as elsewhere in Europe.

In Como, Italy, a gigantic resort with 11 padel courts and a coworking space is to open this month. The resort will also entail a restaurant, a Gym and a Maserati dealership. In Torino, COWO® PalaCoworking Torino Grugliasco is another experience of multi-services projects mixing freshly built Padel Tennis infrastructure and Coworking services during the day.

More than 1,2 Mio people in Italy practice Padel (+460% in four years).

A lot of new real estate developments are initiated to grow the number of Padel infrastructures everywhere in Europe.
LeDap Group in Stockholm, for instance, a major Padel courts stadium, provides as well coworking and meeting room booking services.

In The Netherlands, the coworking giant B. Amsterdam operates its own Padel courts, in house.