Prague’s coworking market is nowadays massively in the hands of local operators carrying out very ambitious expansion plans.

The insufficient number of new quality building construction projects is the only thing making the timeline longer, according to a study by Cushman & Wakefield, quoted by Estate CZ magazine.

Prague offers nowadays 130.000 m2 of Flexible Workspaces. The vast majority is delivered by the fast growing Czech operators such as Scott.Weber Workspace FLEXI OFFICE / PASSERINVEST GROUP, a.s..

The surface grew by 30.000 m2 over the last two years, and keeps growing in 2024.
Scott.Webber is now especially ambitious. The company intends to sign up agreements for up to 8 new locations (including extension of existing ones) in the coming months. Ultimately, theoperator could top more than 50% of the whole Prague coworking market, while other consolidation movement could occur in the meantime with other players, observes the article.

Impact Hub Czechia, on its side, explores the opportunity of a new opening in collaboration with the Skoda Foundation. Other Property Developers such as Swedish Skanska, Business Link, or Slovak Penta Real Estate, with their brand Base4Work, had developed an offering in the City. Both Czech locations have been taken over by Scott Weber.

“We can divide Clubco’s clients into three groups. They are large companies, most often teams of software developers, which make up about half. The second group are startups and smaller companies with a share of around 30%, and the third group is represented by freelancers,” calculates Adriana Sniegonová, coworking manager of the CTP developer, owner of the Clubco CZ coworking brand.

“The branches in the center of Prague are dominated by medium to large companies, including renowned legal and investment companies, as well as HR experts,” says Petra Páleníková from WorkLounge.

“For large companies that normally rent large areas on long-term contracts, flexible offices give companies much more flexibility in time. They can grow, shrink or rent space for a precisely specified shorter period of time than is standard in office spaces” according to Silvie Dudychova, specialist in flexible offices at iO Partners – JLL preferred partner, quoted in Estate CZ’s article.