French survey shows productivity gains pulled from a coworking membership amounts, on average, 11.000 € per person yearly.

According to the Asterès study, Coworking allows for a productivity gain of 16%. Based on five papers, Asterès has established an average correlation between well-being at work and productivity.

Coworkers report that this work organisation is beneficial to them, both in terms of job satisfaction and efficiency in their work. The most important improvement is on well-being at work.

“Descriptive statistics from the survey indicate that coworkers are more feminised than the average number of employees, are young, are strongly present in IT, work mostly in SMEs, are present in the premises with a frequency comparable to all workers in the tertiary sector and remain in coworking spaces for periods generally of more than 6 months”, says Asteres.

Travailler en coworking: un gain de bien-être et de productivité