Coworking and Ghost Kitchen now considered as verticals in the market of “deposit free” property rental.

Singapore based startup Rently will position coworking among other kinds of “deposit free” products on its property rental marketplace, which also includes housing(flats, rooms, apartments…).

The move shows a trend towards new way to address real estate needs in a more flexible and cost effective way globally, either for personal or business purposes (offices, food delivery, etc.).

For the coworking vertical, Rently has partnered up with coworking company The Working Capitol. For the ghost kitchen services, it partnered up with provider Smart City Kitchens.

“With these collaborations, Rently now offers its customers – including startups, solo entrepreneurs, and SMEs – access to workspaces and culinary hubs without the burden of upfront costs”, says the company, in a Tech in Asia article.

At launch, Rently offered deposit-free rentals, which it does by handling tenants’ rental deposits on their behalf.