French coworking operator Work & Share will open its 10th location in Paris, this summer, demonstrating there is room for independent players in hyper-competitive flexible workspace markets such as the French capital city.

The new Work & Share location will be sheltered in a 6.000 m2 building, currently going through a renovation, in partnership with Real Estate group COFIPARIS.

Launched in 2016, Work & Share managed to dig its place despite a lot of warnings. “We were told things such as : There is no market for coworking nor in the SME’s segment, nor in the Paris suburb”, remembers today, in a LinkedIn post, Matthieu Russel, co-founder and CEO of the Coworking operator, who says they proved these warnings wrong.

According to Work & Share’s co-founder, the Paris coworking market is nowadays driven, a.o., by the following elements :
“👉 The economic equation of coworking in Paris intra muros is difficult. Many operators are losing their teeth.
👉 Many players are seeking to move towards an asset light development approach.
👉 Coworking has become part of the customs of all companies.
👉 The sector has become more fragmented. A certain number of challengers have done well in recent years and particularly since the post-covid era.”