The biggest operator in the Baltics Workland Offices continues it’s expansion with a new opening announced in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Two other new locations will be inaugurated in 2024, respectively in Tallin, Estonia, and Riga, Latvia, says Indrek Hääl, CEO of Workload.

The new location in Vilnius will be operated under the brand #Flow and located on three floors, with 2.000 m2, right in Vilnius’ CBD, in a BREEAM complying newly constructed building, in partnership with Real Estate company EIKA grupė.

“Workland brings convenience and flexibility to Flow building tenants as well. Thanks to Workland, expanding within the same building or obtaining additional space will be straightforward and hassle-free” according to Giedrius Brūzgėūzgė, Director of the Real Estate Department at EIKA grupė.

In total, Workland will be operating 20 locations by the end of this year, from Lithuania up to Finland.

Workland’s largest shareholder is investment firm BaltCap along with the company’s founder and executive management.