Gym providers enter the coworking game. Some coworking spaces were offering in-house Gym services or partnering up with Gym operators. Nowadays, Gym operators are also starting to consider offering coworking services.

Fitness entrepreneur Tony de Leede, in Australia, has developed Wello Works Australia, a way of integrating co-working and wellness under one roof.

“Wello Coworking provides a work environment for both individuals and teams, with a versatile setup, including private offices, workstations and meeting rooms.
It features a wellness lounge, which encompasses massage chairs, O2 breathing, and meditation chairs, a virtual movement studio and a Zen Immersive Room.
The lounge is a relaxed space for both mingling with others and also for simply stepping away from the desk for a while.”

In Europe, some Padel facilities, for instance, also have started to provide coworking corners accessible during day time to outsiders. Hotels also start to offer multi-services, including Gym and coworking on a same location, not necessarily as a package yet, though.