According to Sifted, the entrepreneurs focused platform backed by the Financial Times (FT) newspaper, European Tech unicorns (Early stage business valued at $1 Bio) have roots in a total of 98 cities across the continent. But how and in which context ?

Incubators and accelerators programs played a big role in many of those respective startup achievements?


A European ranking of Startup Hubs


In order to figure out which ones of those structures were the most productive in terms of startup and scale-up dynamics, the FT made a call to startup and incubators in Europe, which the newspaper designated as Startup Hubs, to participate in a screening of startup ecosystem support schemes in Europe. The goal was to rank the best of them, according to a number of indicators as well as to Alumni’s quality feedbacks.

The FT Europe Startup Hubs ranking that was published last week lists 125 incubator and acceleration programs, which include support in terms of coaching, networking, funding or physical accommodation.

From the provided list, Coworking Europe figured out that 1/3 where offering coworking services, directly or in partnership with a professional coworking operator.


Coworking space operated directly or in partnership


The Best ranked “Startup Hub” in Europe according to the FT is the UnternehmerTUM, linked to the Technical University of Munich, Germany.

Every year, more than 70 technology-oriented companies are founded at TUM. TUM and UnternehmerTUM support start-ups with programs that are precisely tailored to the individual phases of founding – from the conception of a business model to management training, from market entry to a possible IPO. Up to 30 teams can use the TUM Incubator to prepare for the launch of their company. UnternehmerTUM invests in promising technology companies with its own venture capital fund“, sums up a Press Release.


UnternehmerTUM provides the supported startups who wish it with coworking services, through Munich Urban Collab, a coworking facility put in place in partnership with the Munich City. This option is not an insignificant contribution to the ecosystem building.

For Startup Braga and Unicorn Factory Lisboa, both from Portugal and both in the European FT Startup Hubs ranking’s Top 10, the coworking and workspace facility is at the core of the support supplied to startups and scale-ups.

So is it with Catalyst, in Northern Ireland, HFarm in Treviso, BFFood in Galicia, or with Impact Hub Amsterdam and Impact Hub Berlin, for instance, all listed in the best European best Startup Hubs. Some are vertically focused on a specific area or industry.


Room to build more opportunity friendly work environments for entrepreneurs ?


Impact Hub Berlin

In total, 44 out of the 125 Startup Hubs listed in the FT European Best Startup Hubs ranking are coworking spaces or host their startups in house through coworking services operated directly or offered via a professional coworking partner.

There is likely a big opportunity for coworking professionals to engage further with all those Startup Hubs across Europe which have no physical shelter of their own to host their supported teams, nor clear physical ecosystem build up and community management programs.

Although a big deal of the most successful EU accelerators and incubators have close connections with a local university or local business schools, services such as hospitality and community management seem most of the time over-looked. This situation also likely limits the opportunity to engage with external third parties as well as to increase teams connections with other supported teams, in a convenient and appealing work environment. Not to mention the fact that the ability to draw talents and qualified outsourcing partners is often a big ingredient of any startup ultime success.


Download the filtered list of Startup Hubs offering coworking services here