Mixed-use coworking and residential construction projects are multiplying in Europe.

Dutch real estate group EDGE announces the upcoming contruction of a mixed-use development spanning 42.500 m2 in Eindhoven, that will integrate living and working spaces across two structures. A 70-meter-tall residential tower will bring 175 free-sector rental apartments. Next to it, Edge finalized a purchase agreement with Bouwinvest Dutch Office Fund for a sustainable 25.000 m2 office building, which will offer a publicly accessible atrium housing shared amenities such as a restaurant, meeting rooms and a coffee bar.

Edge is the mother company of the coworking brand EDGE Workspaces, which operates in the group’s own facilities in Amsterdam, Berlin or Hamburg.

The STAY by Kronos concept, in Spain, is another example of the innovation in mixed-use project, bringing together residential products and coworking service on a same place. Stay by Kronos has project in Tarragona, Madrid, Cordoba and Valencia. Stay by Kronos is developed by the Spanish real estate group Kronos Real Estate Group.