Swedish pension fund Alecta is to launch its own coworking concept, named Flexiwork, via its Real Estate arm Alecta Fastigheter.

Two Flexiwork locations, “Hovet” and “Kollektivet”, will first open in Gothenburg. The network shall then be expanded to other buildings owned by the company elsewhere in the country.

Alecta Fastigheter was established in 2021 and manages a portfolio of 71 properties valued € 4,5 billions.

The Flexiwork plan to devote a significant amount of resources to community related services, through an initiative called Flexitainment.

“Flexitainment is an activity program that will bring together those in the house in workshops, lectures, mini-concerts, tastings, open pitch stage and other things that will develop over time together with the customers”, states Alecta Fastigheter. “Soon, Alecta Fastigheter will launch a digital campaign where they let office tenants in Gothenburg set the activity calendar. In the campaign “Stretched, twisted and flexible ideas wanted”, anyone can make suggestions that they would like to see in the activity calendar. We believe that many individuals feel good and develop from community and exchange of experiences. Members being under the same roof can invest in activities that provide a good mix of nice to know, good to know and pure entertainment to connect those who are in and around the place.”