A new coworking vertical to be launched in Sweden, focused on the gaming industry.

The Game Town project will be located in Stockholm, in a district which concentrates one of the highest population of game developers in the Nordics.

“The property Fatburen and the nearby block Stockholmsverken today form a cluster for companies in game development, including Paradox, DICE, Fatshark and Epic Games”, says the press release. “We want people who share the same passion for games and game development as we do to gather here, tells Christian Lövstedt, CEO of the game developer Midjiwan AB – Polytopia, Game Town’s founder.

The project is led in partnership with the Real Estate company AMF Fastigheter AB.

As a first step, the coworking space will be able to accommodate companies from 1 to 8 people. The Swedish computer games industry’s own organization, Dataspelsbranschen / Swedish Games Industry, will move into the premises too.