French tyre manufacturer Michelin will open one of the biggest coworking and coliving spaces in Europe.

The 18,000 m² big space will be inaugurated in December 2025 and will accommodate up to 2,500 people each day. The “Collaborative Innovation Hub” located in Clermont-Ferrand – Michelin’s industrial cradle – will offer “a wide range of services and host companies, as well as associations, academics and professional networks”.

The initiative is part of a major social impact long term commitment taken by Michelin this month, which will include a “Universal social protection floor” for thegroup’s employees worldwide.

The Collaboration Innovation Hub is a €61 Mio real estate project aiming at modernizing approaches to engage with the local communities and innovativ stakeholders around the city and beyond.

Clermont-Ferrand is the regional capital city of the Auvergne region, in the middle of France.