Supernova Hub, the corporate venture arm of the Italian logistics group ITLM Group, is investing €10 Mio in a major coworking startup hub in Milan.

“The Milan Supernova Hub space is located in an innovation district that is coming to life via investments brought by ITLM Group into its real estate assets”, says a press release.

Supernova Hub’s building – which hosts the accelerator, the consulting team and the scaleup teams – has been renovated by over 85%, and the renovation of the external spaces will be completed in 2024. The facility will entail terraces on multiple levels, a catering space as well as events and exhibition areas.

Launched in 2015, Supernova Hub overviews a total budget of €60 million, partly invested in different start-ups and scale-ups. “Supernova Hub is an urban redevelopment project of an area of 14.000 m2, aimed at creating an innovation & coworking district. It is a new way of conceiving work spaces aimed at creating a strategic hub and a reference point for promoting know-how, networking and collaboration in the fields of E-commerce and Smart Logistics”, claims the company on its website.

Supernova Hub (gruppo ITLM) raggiunge i 30 mln euro di investimenti di venture capital