The African coworking market is to triple in size by 2030, from a U$ 446.9 million value in 2023 to U$ 1,56 billion.

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) will reach 19.5%, according to a Next Move Strategy Consulting report. “The demand for shared workspace continues to grow faster in Africa than the rest of the world – fueled by the growth in the working age population – which is expected to grow by more than 450 million people, or close to 70% of the continent, by 2035”, says the study.

These numbers are coming out in the context of the announcement of a strategic partnership between two major coworking operators in Africa : KOFISI – Centres of Productivity and Workshop17.

“The partnership brings KOFISI and Workshop17, Africa’s two premium work space providers, together offering their members access to a combined network of 22 locations, 60.000 m2 of collaborative workspace across seven countries and all four regions of the continent, making it the largest independent network of beautiful serviced office and workspaces across Africa”, state the two companies.
The Nairobi based KOFISI group operates 10 locations in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and is opening in Rwanda and Morocco this year. The South African Workshop 17 has 12 locations – with eight in South Africa and four in Mauritius.

KOFISI and Workshop17: Collaborative Workplaces to Dominate Africa