The French coworking market model is moving towards less gigantic spaces in Paris and more locations scattered across France.

A study by research firm Xerfi reveals that after a doubling of the offering in the last five years, the coworking market in France is entering an era of consolidation.
Iconic openings of massive coworking locations are still expected in the coming months – such as a 10.000 m2 project by Spaces. offices | co-working | meeting rooms. in Lyon. However, the rise of interest rates and a demand which grew in a slower mode than the pace of flex capacities development push operators to go nowadays for a more conservative expansion planning.

A big deal of the new coworking locations to come will be outside of the Paris region, predicts Xerfi, even if Paris still accounts for 2/3 of the French coworking market. It was 3/4 in 2019.

“Our forecast scenario for the evolution of supply reflects this slowdown, with an expected growth of 9% in 2024, then 6% per year in 2025 and 2026 (based on business continuity of WeWork in Paris)”, says Vincent Desruelles, the head of studies at Xerfi. “Medium-sized French cities such as Metz, Bayonne or Clermont-Ferrand, for instance, are getting. The brands which grew the most in the last years, such as FLEX-O – Espaces de travail flexibles et écoresponsables , Now coworking, Bureaux And Co, Newton Offices Espaces de travail flexibles pour entreprises en mouvement, Startway Coworking & Innovation Centers, etc.), are mainly active in Tier 2 or 3 cities.”

Immobilier : « Le marché du coworking retrouve le chemin d’une croissance raisonnée », Vincent Desruelles