A 80 meter tall tower in the Venice region launches comprehensive full hybrid services, including coworking, offices and short-term housing.

The € 17.5 Mio project, initiated by the Borgosesia SpA investment company, inaugurated in May 2024, is a first of its kind in the area. The 6.000 m2 big facility, covering 19 floors, will include short-term rental apartments, a panoramic restaurant as well as flexible workspaces.

For the coworking and offices portion, the property management company Halldis S.p.A. will collaborate with a local coworking operator, Lemon Uno.

“The business center, located on the first three floors of the building, integrates into this new reality with a large meeting area, meeting rooms and offices, co-working and rental spaces for professionals, researchers and start-ups, says Ilaria Edel Muzzati, general manager of Lemon and manager of the newly coworking space. As a result, rental apartments are also now being offered for business trips and short-term rentals for managers, executives and professionals who travel to the city for work. This is a first example of Venetian co-living, within which companies have the opportunity to create a network between themselves and create a real internal economy, capable of offering users an all-round service.”