Swedish coworking operator IOFFICE Business center‘s revenues grew by 86% in 2023, year on year, reaching € 18.1 Mio.

IOffice operates nine facilities in Stockholm and Gothenburg, covering a cumulated surface of 28.000 m2.

“Property owners understand better the business model and therefore give us the confidence to operate in their properties, comments Homan T., CEO of IOffice. More and more companies also understand the advantages of having a coworking office. We see that even large companies use us to a greater extent as a complement to their fixed offices. It is a trend break for our entire industry.”

Demand for flexible offices is increasing, confirms the Swedish broker yta.se, with a 20% growth the number of square meters rented by coworking operators.
IOffice will soon open another 5.700 m2 big location in Stockholm, spread over seven floors.