Germany needs, on average, bigger and financially sounder coworking spaces, says coworking online magazine Deskmag – The Coworking Magazine in a survey.

Too many coworking spaces in Germany are unprofitable. Why ?

Many coworking spaces operate as non-profit companies, analyses Deskmag.
The size of German coworking spaces seems on average smaller than the average size of coworking spaces elsewhere in Europe. Almost 70% of the coworking scene in Germany operates spaces less than 500 m2 big. This affects the range of offered services, hence their revenue generation. Meeting and event spaces are in high market demand, for instance. Smaller coworking spaces can’t address this demand due to often too narrow operated surfaces.

That being said, the statistical situation of the German coworking market can be explained, for a part, by the strong growth of the rural coworking offering, over the last decade, in Germany, which influences the overall numbers, as well as to the more decentralized economical reality of the country as opposed to other markets in Europe. A significant proportion of coworking spaces operate outside major cities, in Germany. That has an impact on the business potential.

(pic : KreativeWerk – Deskmag)