Japanese group Sony is to set up its second largest European AI Center at OneCoWork – Flexible Workspaces in Barcelona.

The electronics group will host a team of up to 75 people in the Catalan city. The Sony deal is another confirmation of coworking now being considered as the best option for international corporations, when it is about to open branches, administrative or innovation centers abroad, and not only to tighten costs of settling in.

“The Sony AI team’s flagship project will address new AI challenges focused on tools and systems that support the work of scientists. Additionally , the office will serve as a hub for some of Sony AI’s explorations related to gastronomy, such as research that applies AI to increase our understanding of tastes and smells and how they can contribute to multisensory experiences”, says an article sharing the news. ​

Ben Nachoom, OneCowork’s CEO, will be a speaker at the upcoming Coworking Europe 2024 conference to take place in Sofia, on November 13-14.