“In small towns” unmanned operated coworking spots are multiplying across Europe.

In Sweden, real estate group Heba Fastighets AB launches Close to Home Coworking.

In Italy, Poste Italiane‘s nation wide automated coworking spaces project has opened its first 20 self-managed locations. 60 coworking locations more will follow before by the end of 2024 and 250 locations in total are expected by 2026.

“Flexible coworking close to home and at affordable prices has become possible thanks to the customized security solution developed for us”, says Haymanot Wachtmeister, general counsel and responsible for sharing markets at Heba Fastighets AB in a press release.

Close to Home unmanned spaces will use a technical solution initially developed and implemented for unmanned stores.

In Italy, the Poste Italiane’s coworking spaces will be located in “completely renovated environments, with high quality furnishings”, says the company. “It will be possible to book work spaces of different sizes: private offices, open spaces, equipped meeting rooms. Each location will provide a welcoming break area designed for a short break or informal meetings.”