The Brittany region, in France, counts 231 “Third Places” on its territory, the highest proportion in the country. Half of them offer coworking services. 69% are located is low density population or very rural areas.

Overall, “Third places” are community oriented locations aiming at fostering social interactions in villages or towns. Most of them are citizen driven small coworking spaces supporting a mission such as hosting cultural projects, helping local entrepreneurs, remote workers or circular economy related initiatives. Some Third places are also told to be offering “learning” experiences, the ones providing with tools and workshops or fablab services, for instance.

According to the “Panorama des Tiers-lieux bretons” overview, Brittany’s Third places host more than 25.000 members. 70% of the Third spaces opened less than 4 years ago.

Almost 30% of the Third places in Brittany are financially profitable, thanks to a hybrid model mixing for profit activities (self-operated bar, shop…), with public subsidies. 20% lose money.