The Carrefour group transforms a hyper-market in Alicante, Spain, into a 22.000 m2 big multi-service “Work City”village.

The Puerta de Alicante Mall, that will host Work City, will have an office and coworking total capacity of 1,800 desks. The mall will be split in three floors with muli-functional areas. 10,900 m2 will remain devoted to retail activities, 7,500 m2 for flexible offices and coworking, and 3,500 m2 reserved for catering services.

“The new centre will house offices and coworking in a complex that reproduces the centre of a city with all its areas and services: market, restaurants, playroom, gym , cinema , shops and offices. The space will be distributed in a structure formed by streets and squares with urban furniture, trees, vegetation and outdoor spaces that will reproduce emblematic places in the city of Alicante”, explains Lola Bañón, general manager of Carrefour Property Spain.

“The philosophy of Work City is based on two pillars: the regeneration of unique spaces that aspire to have a second life, and designing a tailor-made service aimed at our urban users, capable of competing for its attractiveness against teleworking and oriented towards improving productivity”, says Javier Reina, from CustomSuits, designer of the Work City concept.