Coworking Europe 2013 – Barcelona

Coworking Europe 2013, the fourth Coworking Europe Conference, was organized on November 11, 12 and 13 by Global Enterprise and the Xarxa Punt TIC of the Government of Catalonia, with the support of the coworking magazine Deskmag.

The Coworking Europe conference is the main event covering the topic of Coworking. Coworking Europe 2013 Stamp

Between 300 and 350 attendees from all around Europe, North America and beyond, gathered during three days at Fabra i Coats, a creation factory that the Barcelona City Council puts at the disposal of the conference organizers.

Close to fifty speakers and panelists shared their thoughts and best practices with an audience made out of coworking space operators, facility managers, real estate pundits as well as city councils representatives, public development agencies, universities or startup incubator managers.

All were interested to learn more about Coworking as a plateform able to address critical challenges of our time such as boosting entrepreneurship and innovation, making the independent workforce stronger or to investigate the future of working at the digital age.


After the successes of Coworking Europe 2010 (Brussels, with The Hub Brussels), Coworking Europe 2011 (Berlin, with Club Office and Betahaus) and of Coworking Europe 2012 (Paris, with La Fonderie and ARD), Global Enterprise partnered in 2013 with the Generalitat of Catalonia and Xarxa Punt TIC


Founder of Work Station Coworking, Moscow (Russia)

Michael Komarov is the founder of the Work Station coworking space, in Russia. Work Station, opened in august 2012, is based in the Gorkiy Park, in the center of Moscow. In 2013, Michael Komarov plans to open two new coworking spaces, one in Moscow and the second in the Yaroslavl city, 200 kilometres far from Moscow.

Foundery, Toronto (Canada)

Ashley Proctor is the founder of Creative Blueprint, providing studios, services and support for artists and entrepreneurs. She also runs Foundery, a newly renovated downtown coworking and event space. Ashley is a founding member of the Coworking Toronto and Coworking Ontario collectives and has been named as a Finalist for the Toronto Business Development Centre’s Excellence in Perseverance Award, a.o.


Gracia Work Center, Barcelona (Spain)

Cristina Martinez-Sandoval Riera is the founder and manager of Gracia Work Center (2007), one of the first coworking centers in Barcelona. Deeply involved in the coworking movement in Spain, Cristina teaches about coworking at Barcelona Activa. She currently works with VIDEOSEMPRESA.NET on a documentary entitled “From San Francisco to Barcelona, searching for the origin of coworking”.


managing-director Club WorkSpace, London (UK)

James heads Club Workspace, a fast growing network of members’ co-working venues across London. Club WorkSpace is part of Workspace Group PLC. James started his career with Spacia in 2000, the then property arm of Railtrack, which managed and let the national portfolio of railway arches. James joined Workspace in 2005.

co-founder Betahaus Cologne, Cologne (Germany)

Anna Bidowetz studied Arts and Management. While starting a master’s program in economics she co-founded betahaus Cologne which had to close down in April 2013. Now she is writing her master’s thesis “Learnings from my insolvency – an error analysis”. She always focuses on the challenge of linking creativity with entrepreneurship.

Anna Bidowetz

co-founder Grind, New York (US)

Benjamin was a mild-mannered lawyer who woke up one day and, together with some partners, decided, Hey, let’s change the future of work. So, along with his friends, Stuart and Karina, and Co:, Cool Hunting, Behance, Magic + Might and Breakfast, he created Grind, a platform for working in a whole new way, outside the system. Throughout his career, Benjamin has founded, funded, operated and advised successful start-ups. He has long experience in real estate and corporate law.

Benjamin Dyett

mastermind MOB / Makers of Barcelona (Hong Kong / Spain)

Born in Hong Kong, educated in the US and currently lives in Barcelona, Cecilia Tham tries to be a maker in today’s digital age. Having studied first biology and later received her Master in Architecture from Harvard University, she decided to move to Europe. She is the founder of MOB, Makers of Barcelona, a collaborative facility and community in the heart of Barcelona, as well as partner in the architecture firm, Habitan Architects, and co-founder of the makerspace, MADE.

Cecilia Tham

founder Nex Coworking, Curitiba (Brazil)

André Pegorer is a professional journalist who founded Nex Coworking in 2011, in Curitiba, in the south of Brazil. Since 2001, he uses collaboration tools on projects in Government, Nonprofit Organizations and Private Companies. He believes in coworking as a radical collaboration platform and he is currently working on an expansion project of Nex to other cities of Brazil.

Cecilia Tham

Head of Startup relations, SBB Swiss Railway company (Switzerland)

Manuel Gerres is the Head of Startup relations at the SBB CFF Swiss Railway company. A.o., Manuel Gerres supervises the Startup Coworking space set up by the organisation in Zurich.

Manuel Gesser

founder The Melting Pot, Edinburgh (UK)

Claire has pioneered of the concept of coworking in Scotland, especially when focused on the social change sector. The Melting Pot (TMP) is Scotland’s Centre for Social Innovation, providing dynamic resources for social change makers. Every year TMP works with approximately 150 ‘Members’ (from individuals to large organisations) and holds approximately 5.000 public events. The Melting Pot is an inspiring place to work, meet and bring ideas to life.

Head of the Entrepreneurship Dept, Moscow Mayorship (Russia)

Alexei Komissarov is the head of the Department for Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship at the Moscow Mayorship. Lecturer in Entrepreneurship in a joint MBA programme of Kingston University, Alexei Komissarov’s department works on the modernisation of the Moscow’s industrial and innovation ecosystem. Coworking a started to play a role in this move.

founder GarageBilk, Düsseldorf (Germany)

With 13 years cross-cultural work experience as development manager in South-East-Asia, Yvonne Firdaus founded the first Coworking Space GarageBilk Düsseldorf in 2010. Yvonne recognized then coworking as a relevant platform for social change. GarageBilk is a member of the Economy for the Common Good and a pioneer company, creating the Common Good Balance Sheet.

founder Utopic_Us, Madrid (Spain)

Entrepreneur and Cultural Manager. Degree in Business Administration by Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Specialized in International Management, Stockholm University; Master in Management of Cultural Beings by SDA Bocconi Milano (Italy). Coordinator and Director of several cultural organizations in Spain and Italy. Specialist in ideation and management for innovative projects in cultural and creative sector. Founder and CEO of utopic_US and Zinc Shower.

founder of Republikken, Copenhagen (Denmark)

Emil Steglich-Petersen is the founder and the general manager of Republikken, in Copenhagen. While studying history Emil started the coworking space Republikken in 2005. During the last eight years, Republikken has grown up as a major player in the coworking and innnovation field in Denmark. It has now more than 130 tenants, a cafe, conference space and a varity of workshops/fablabs.

co-founder Workation Retreat, Berlin (US-Germany)

Julianne Becker is a filmmaker, entrepreneur, and communications specialist, hailing originally from St. Louis in the US. She moved to Berlin in 2010 from Vietnam, where she had been film advisor and communications manager for WWF. Currently she is founding her own company, consulting for co_llaboratory, programming director of Social Media Week Berlin, and project manager for Moviemiento, a cultural non-profit.

CEO of Innovation Warehouse (UK)

Ami Shpiro is serial entrepreneur who began his career as a computer scientist for the Israeli military. Ami has co-founded numerous commercial enterprises, from software systems to property development. In 2009, Ami conceptualised a model for a community of collaborating start-ups, now known as Innovation Warehouse, which includes a Coworking space. This model has taken shape in the wake of, and in collaboration with, the City of London’s economic development.

founder Camaraderie Coworking, Toronto (Canada)

Rachel opened Camaraderie Coworking in Feb 2010, and has coached many spaces along the way. She believes in the coworking movement, and encourages spaces to ditch the idea of competition in favour of collaboration. She is a Founder of CoworkingToronto, CoworkingOntario, and CoworkingCanada.

CEO of La Fonderie and co-founder of La Cantine, Paris (France)

Jean-Baptiste Roger is the CEO of the Paris Region Agency for Digital Development “La Fonderie”. Graduated in political science and former parliamentary attaché, Jean-Baptiste worked six years as a political adviser for the President of the Paris Region before becoming CEO of “La Fonderie” in November 2011. Jean-Baptiste is also a founding member of the first coworking place in Paris “La Cantine”.

co-founder Betahaus, Berlin (Germany)

Christoph Fahle has a Master in Media Science and Business Administration. He is one of the coworking pioneers in Europe. With five friends he started the betahaus network back in 2009. Since then he is actively involved in supporting and advancing the coworking movement. He is current focus is education at coworking spaces.

co-founder Hub Sydney and Hub Adelaide, Sydney (Australia)

Caroline McLaren is Managing Partner at Third Spaces CoActiv8. She is championing the growth of collaborative workspaces and communities in Australia. Caroline co-founded Hub Sydney and Hub Adelaide in 2013. She consults to companies and government groups to foster their own coworking communities. .

Founding member of The Surf Office (Canary Island, Spain)

Michal Kostal is a founding member of The Surf Office, an innovative workspace which tries to introduce a work-life balance into the coworking community. The Surf Office is located at the paradise island of Gran Canaria. Michal is a life long surfing evangelist and he has worked as an advisory consultant at Ernst & Young for almost five years.

Head of Knowledge Society Service, Government of Catalonia (Spain)

Ricard Faura is the Head of Knowledge Society Service in the Government of Catalonia, Ministry of Business and Employment. He manages the Catalan ICT Point Net. Ricard Faura has written books about Anthropology and the Knowledge Society: “The plot of Prats de Mollo” (1992), “Anthropology Cyberspace” (1999) and “Learn to think” (2003)”. He strongly believes in the role of coworking as one ingredient of the Catalonia economical reboost.

CEO Right Space Management, Miami (US)

Carolina jumped into a new venture this past year with the Miami Innovation Center, MIC caters to startup and small businesses with a mix of offices, research labs and coworking spaces all under one room occupying 3.800 square meters. She will share her thoughts on this project along with the “Culinary coworking space” her latest venture, making the best use of “kitchen downtime in restaurants” to help local culinary entrepreneurs succeed.

founder Betagroup Coworking, Brussels (Belgium)

Ramon Suarez is the founder of the Betacowork coworking space in Brussels, a hub for entrepreneurs and professionals. He actively promotes tech startups in Belgium, and the Global Entrepreneurship Week. He speaks regularly at international conferences, namely about coworking and tech entrepreneurship. Ramon also blogs as the correspondent of Loogic, the leading Spanish blog about web entrepreneurship.

founder Serebo Lab, Moscow (Russia)

Oksana Zheleznova is the founder of Serebro Lab, an “intellectual laboratory” that has conducted surveys on coworkings and on coworking target audience, as well as a portrait of freelancers in Russia and worldwide. Graduated in marketing, Oxana started Serebro Lab as a result of getting disappointed with traditional career growth and office lifestyle.

Contact Centre Segment Manager E&A at Plantronics, London (UK)

Richard joined is responsible for marketing to Plantronics’ Enterprise and Contact Centre customers across Europe & Africa. Richard’s expertise is in understanding current requirements and how these will change based on future trends which take on board the flexible and smarter working environments with a space for every type of work and worker enabling them to communicate, collaborate, contemplate and concentrate.

founder Avila Business Center and Coworking, Lisbon (Portugal)

Carlos Gonçalves is the founder and CEO of the Avila Business Centers and Avila Coworking, in Lisbon. In 2010, developed the myOffice app, the first worldwide virtual office application for mobile, partnering with two other Portuguese Companies. In 2013, Carlos Gonçalves was named International Director of the Global Workspace Association, and co-writes the book “Out of the Office”, about the future of workspaces, with an integrated augmented reality mobile app.

markting manager Utopic_US, Madrid (Spain)

Olivia Czetwertynski is in charge of the Communication and Marketing of utopic_US and works on its expansion since its opening, in 2010. She’s participating actively in the development of the coworking movement in Spain, she co-organizes the Coworking Spain Conferences. Olivia held a Master Degree in Advertising Management, she’s specialized in Social Media strategies and campaigns and worked as Account Director in main advertising agencies in Belgium, Canada and Spain.

co-founder Office Nomads and founder of Open Coworking, Seattle (US)

Jacob Sayles started Office Nomads in Seattle in 2007 with business partner Susan Evans. In 2009 he cofounded Coworking Seattle, now The Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance, which explores the wider coworking movement in a local setting. And in early 2012, Jacob founded Open Coworking, a non-profit dedicated to promoting and facilitating greater collaboration between coworking spaces around the world.

director at Third Door WorkHub & Nursery, London (UK)

Third Door is a flexible shared workspace with an onsite nursery which, launched in May 2010. Shazia’s Eureka moment came whilst struggling to brainstorm business ideas with a friend whilst juggling a 5 month old baby and wishing for ‘a productive place to work and meet near my baby’. The UK Deputy Prime Minster and his team chose Third Door as the venue to announce new legislation on extending flexible working to everyone .

founder Silversquare, Brussels (Belgium)

Axel Kuborn is the founder and the manager of Silversquare, created in 2007 in Brussels, Belgium. Silversquare was created to offer an office environment for startups and small companies: it was one of the first in Belgium to propose the Flex/Shared Office model for an affordable price. Silversquare’s environment is closer to mainstream business centers in terms of feeling and quality, but remains focused on flexibility and networking for its members the way coworking sees it.

communication manager Toolbox, Turin (Italy)

Sara is a freelance strategic planner, working on communication, events and training for international brands. In Toolbox Coworking, she has been fostering the community since the opening in 2010, in Torino, and acted as a spark for the settlement of the first italian Fablab, inside a coworking space.

co-founder Mutinerie, Paris (France)

William is a co-founder of Mutinerie, a coworking space in Paris. He created Mutinerie with his brothers Antoine and Eric and our childhood friend Xavier. William is now working on the creation of a rural extension of Mutinerie, where it will be possible to leave the city and cowork from a few days to a few months surrounded by nature, calm and friendly people.

co-founder LAB121, Alessandria (Italy)

Alberto Bassi is one of the founder of Lab121 association, a non-profit coworking community in Alessandria, north-west of Italy. Lab121 is a steady growing community, thanks to coworkers, to the hosts, to the coworking centre site, to local public institutions and to some private partners. Lab121 hold in September 2012 the first italian coworking conference, the ‘Espresso Coworking Conference’.

co-founder Loffice, Budapest (Hungary)

Loffice is the first coworking office in Budapest. Since this first location, Loffice expanded and by today has 4 locations in the buzzing center of Budapest and 1 office in Vienna. By today we count over 2000 members. Our members enjoy access to start-up and business meetings, contemporary exhibitions and events, seat-host service, a coffee-lounge, and evening programmes as lectures, film and music.

adviser for the European Commission, Brussels (Belgium)

Gary is the founder and former CEO of, the first worldwide rental marketplace and co-founded several other startups. Gary acts regularly as a consultant for small startups and larger companies. After heading Criteo’s acceleration program and advising a swiss early stage fund in 2012, he’s currently Entrepreneur in residence at Le Camping, the main startup accelerators in Paris and work on new potential ventures like a Techshop-like space in paris called “L’Usine”.

founder Movebla Magazine, Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Anderson is a professional journalist and digital communications consultant, working with internet since 2003. Founded Movebla as a way to talk about new ways of work in Brazil. Author, in partnership with Deskmag, of the 1st Coworking Survey for Brazilian Spaces.

founder of Xindanwei and ASK LAB, Shanghai (China)

Liu Yan is the founder and Chief Catalyst of ASK LAB – a social enterprise that is dedicated to the participatory and experiential learning and co-creation. She established Xindanwei in 2009, a Shanghai based coworking center, international innovation hub and one of the “World Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in China”. She is the author of “Coworking Manual” – to set up coworking community. She is also the leader of Startup Weekend Shanghai.

marketing director Multiburo, Paris (France)

Leading player since 14 years in the business center industry. In 2012, Gregory proposed Multiburo a new version of the shared spaces which is a new collaborative place closer to the coworking spirit : “Le spot Multiburo”. The first Spot has opened in May 2013 and turned out to be a real success. Several other spots will open in 2013 and 2014. Gregory is convinced that the historic business center model need to move and become more hybrid, more open, more collaborative and flexible.

co-founder Les Satellites, Nice (France)

Nicolas Bergé has cofounded Les Satellites in Nice, and has collaborated with many communities in the French Riviera. Coworking has helped Nicolas sense the pulse of the talented and engaged people living in Nice and around. Today, Nicolas is working to make Nice a nicer place for independants and entrepreneurs.

founder eOffice, London (UK)

Pier Paolo Mucelli, Founder of eOffice, among the pioneers of the coworking concept in Europe, set up the first centre in Soho, London in 2002. Also running and recently launched a online platform for real estate

leader of the Coworking Wiki project, Berlin (Germany)

Cristina works at Cobot making the lives of coworking space managers all around the world a bit easier every day, and since early 2013 she leads the Coworking Wiki project, an open sourced, community supported compilation of useful information for coworking space operators and members. Cristina is also involved with technology and women issues, attending or speaking at conferences to get more women into technology through initiatives like Rails Girls.


Co-founder Deskmag, Berlin (Germany)

Carsten is editor of and co-founder of With his academic background as social scientist, he is passionate about new trends in urban affairs and the creative labor market, two things which are perfectly combined in the concept of coworking. Instead of just analyzing it, he decided to be a part of it, by encouraging it and putting it on the map through Deskmag and Deskwanted.

Link Coworking, GCUC Coworking Conference, Austin (US)

Liz Elam opened Link Coworking in Austin (Texas), in september 2010. She is a recognized leader in the national coworking scene and produced the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) 2012 the day before SXSW Interactive. Besides, Liz is founding member of the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces (LEXC) and is serving as the first President.


Cowo Combo and Fab Lab Firenze, Florence (Italy)

Mattia Sullini is a freelance illustrator based in Florence. He begun in 2009 with the project 22A|22 to experiment with hybrid spaces for both coworkers and artisans. The general aim remains valid, even if split in the two projects he is running: Combo, a coworking part of the Cowo network, and FabLab Firenze, an association of makers and tech enthusiasts.

Co-founder IndyHall, Philadelphia (US)

Alex is best known for starting Philadelphia’s Indy Hall coworking community in 2006, years before coworking became a darling of the mainstream press and workers around the globe. Since, Indy Hall and Alex’s work have been featured in national and international publications. He’s a well respected coach & instructor for other aspiring community builders and coworking catalysts. Many credit Alex with their starts.

Co-founder New Work City, New York (US)

Tony Bacigalupo has cofounded New Work City, worked with the Downtown Alliance to build the Hive at 55, and has advised and worked with countless other communities in New York and around the world. He also co-authored a “I’m OUtta Here: How coworking is making the office obsolete” and continues to work on helping grow the independent workforce.

founder Coworking Spain, Madrid (Spain)

Manuel Zea Barral is an architect, founder of 2arquitectos in 2006. In 2007 founded one of the first coworking in Spain: WorkingSpace. In 2010 founded the directory 2012 organized the first Coworking Spain Conference. In 2013 author of the book Living Coworking. The coworking philosophy as new way of work. And all this years investor of three start ups.


Founder Global Enterprise and Coworking Europe Conference, Brussels (Belgium)

Jean-Yves Huwart is the CEO of Global Enterprise, the company behind the Coworking Europe Conference. Jean-Yves Huwart is an international consultant covering the future of innovation ecosystems. He created the Intrapreneurship Conference and is the author of four books. Jean-Yves operates his own Coworking space in Belgium.

Partner Global Enterprise, Brussels (Belgium)

Anis Bedda is a partner at Global Enterprise, co-organizing the Coworking Europe Conference and the Intrapreneurship Conference. Anis was the ideas manager of HUB Brussels where he was responsible for designing and business development strategies in order to foster the events pipeline of HUB Brussels, until its unfortunate closure. He now focuses on activating entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystems through his work in the fields of Coworking and Intrapreneurship.


Coordination leader Coworking Europe 2013, Barcelona (Spain)

Vanessa Sans is a core member of the team organizing Coworking Europe 2013. Vanessa has a Master in International Business Administration and more than 10 years experience as an Event and Communication Manager in the cultural and creative sector of Barcelona. Nowadays, Vanessa is leading Transforma Bcn, a new coworking space placed in Barcelona with 4 other more people.


Day 1

Timing Subject Speaker
09.00 Arrival and Registration
09.45 Welcome speech, overview of the conference’s program and goals Jean-Yves Huwart, Global Enterprise, Coworking Europe conference’s organiser (Belgium)
09.50 Welcome by Generalitat de Catalonia Ricard Faura, Generalitat de Catalonia (Spain)
10.00 Barcelona has more than 100 coworking spaces in operation : what impact for the city inner dynamics Cristina Martinez (Spain)
10.15 Coworking facts and figures in 2013 – Presentation of the World Coworking Survey Carsten Foertsch, Deskmag (Germany)
10.30 A Toronto based Coworking space widening its footprint in its neighbourhood and fueling a flow of new initiatives in Ontario Ashley Proctor, Creative Blueprint / Foundery (Canada)
10.45 Why is Moscow also becoming a coworking hotspot Artem Marinenko, Work Station (Russia)
11.00 Grind : the emergence of a Coworking chain brand Benjamin Dyett, co-founder Grind (US)
11.15 Break
11.40 We are a traditional real estate operator and we have built up a successful Coworking offering James Friedenthal, Club Workspace (UK)
11.55 The Swiss Railway company changes its innovation culture with a mixture of co-operation, co-innovation and Coworking Manuel Gerres, SBB (Switzerland)
12.10 Makerspace, Fablabs, Hackerspaces and Coworking spaces… : another face of the Coworking growing success Madeleine Gummer von Mohl (Open Design City Berlin, Germany), Mattia Sullini (Cowo Combo,Florence, Italy), Cecilia Tham (Makers of Barcelona), Sara Bigazzi (Toolbox, Italy)
12.30 On the implementation of Coworking in an Innovation Incubator Carolina Rendeiro, Miami Innovation Center
12.45 The StartUp Europe program and how it can support coworking Gary Cigé, European Commission (Belgium)
13.00 Lunch break
14.20 Informations and practical messages regarding Day 2 and Day 3 Jean-Yves Huwart, Julianne Becker, Manuel Zea
14.25 Can only big coworking spaces become profitable ? Ramon Suarez (Betagroup Coworking, Brussels), Rafa deRamon (Utopic_Us, Madrid), Madeleine Gummer von Mohl (Betahaus, Berlin), Jonathan Markwell (The Skiff, Brighton) – Moderator : Anis Bedda
15.10 Break
15.25 – 16.15 Breakout sessions (panels)
Room1 Why is Coworking becoming so important for city development ? David Vilella (Neapolis, Barcelona), Grégoire Odou (La Fonderie, Paris), Vadim Malkin (rep. Moscow mayorship), Alex Hillman (Indy Hall, Philadelphia), Dermot Egan (Tilt Studio, London) – Moderator : Jean-Yves Huwart
Room2 What can we learn from Coworking failures ? Anis Bedda (ex-The Hub Brussels), Matia Sullini (ex-22A|22, Florence), Anna Bidowetz (ex-Betahaus Cologne), Gerhard F. (Office Factory, Germany) – Moderator : Carsten Foertsch
Room3 Values, member profiles, event, service quality : how to craft a good Coworking storytelling Tony Bacigalupo (New Work City, New York), Liz Elam (Link Coworking/GCUC, Austin TX), Alberto Bassi (Lab 121, Alessandria), Yvonne Firdaus (GarageBilk, Düsseldorf) – Moderator : Julianne Becker
16.20 – 17.10 Breakout sessions (panels)
Room1 Hybrid Coworking : can business centers, incubators, flexible office providers become coworking space operators ? Pier Paolo Mucelli (eOffice, London), Carlos Gonçalves (Avila Coworking, Lisbon), Axel Kuborn (Silvesquare, Brussels), Grégory Ortiz (Multiburo, Paris) – Moderator : Anderson Costa
Room2 Collaboration between Coworking spaces : a cute illusion or the real next step ? Jacob Sayles (Office Nomads, Seattle), William Van den Broek (Mutinerie, Paris), André Pegorer (Nex Coworking, Curitiba – Brazil), Rachel Young (Camaraderie, Toronto) – Moderator : Julianne Becker
Room3 “Coworking and… ” : how coworking can be used as an instrument to support a purpose or an industry Claire Carpenter (The Melting Pot, Edinburgh), Michal Kostal (The Surf Office, Canary Islands), Shazia Mustafa (Third Door Workhub & Nursery, London), Carolina Rendeiro (Miami Innovation Center) – Moderator : Cristina Santamarina
17.15 – 18.05 Breakout session (panels)
Room1 Coworking + startup/innovation accelerator : a winning model of the 21st century industrial revolution ? Ami Shpiro (Innovation Warehouse, London), Caroline McLaren (Hub Australia, Sydney), Gary Cigé (European Commission, Brussels), Emil Steglich-Petersen (Republikken, Copenhaguen) – Moderator : Liz Elam
Room2 Does Coworking really fit with every working profile ? Richard Kenny (Plantronics, London), Anna Klementz (Loffice, Budapest), Oxana Zheleznova (Serebro Lab, Moscow), Nicolas Bergé (Les Satellites, Nice) – Moderator : Cristina Santamarina
Room3 The recipe(s) for revenue diversifications Benjamin Dyett (Grind, New York City), Manuel Zea (Coworking Spain, Madrid), Ashley Proctor (Foundery, Toronto), Liu Yan (Xindanwei, Shanghai) – Moderator : Jean-Yves Huwart
18.05 Wrap up
18.10 Networking Cocktail

Day 2

Timing Subject Speaker
9.45 Welcome
10.00 Day 2 – Introduction speech Jean-Yves Huwart
10.05 Technical Briefing Unconference Julianne Becker
10.15 Co-creation of the program schedule for the day
10.45-11.35 Session 1 (6 rooms) Participative
11.40-12.30 Session 2 (6 rooms) Participative
12.30 Lunch
13.45-14.35 Session 3 (6 rooms) Participative
14.40-15.30 Session 4 (6 rooms) Participative
15.30 Break
15.55-16.45 Session 5 (6 rooms) Participative
16.50-17.40 Session 6 (6 rooms) Participative
17.45 End of the working day – Wrap up
18.00 Free time
20.30 (Starting at) Party at Transforma BCN Coworking – Please, register here : Venue : Transforma BCN – Consell de Cent 394, 08009-Barcelona

Day 3

Timing Subject Organised by
9.45 Welcome at Fabra i Coats
10.15 Workshop 1 – Build up your proper community and values Alex Hillman, Adam Teterus
10.15 Workshop 2 – Managing success : How to grow when you reach the limits of your coworking space Jaime Aranda Serralbo, Ramon Suarez
10.15 Workshop 3 – A typology of the most common profiles in a coworking space and how to manage some unpredictable situations Olivia Czetwertynski
11.55 Barcelona Coworking Tour briefing and group gatherings Manuel Zea, Coworking Spain
12.25 Lunch
13.30 Barcelona Coworking Tour
18.00 Free Time
21.00 (starting at) Coworking Europe Party
Please register here :
Venue : Betahaus Barcelona, Vilafranca 7 08024 Barcelona


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