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  • “We transform C Class buildings into coworking communities” 10 July 2020
    Zsofi Toth is the “Navigator” at Puzl Coworking, a Bulgarian based coworking operator with a community of more than 600 members. She is also the co-founder of the Budapest office. Puzl Coworking is working in opening new locations in Hungary and Romania with a model based on the reconversion of C Class Buildings and old […]
    Berta Calders
  • “With Hana, CBRE adds coworking to its facility management offering” 9 July 2020
    The post “With Hana, CBRE adds coworking to its facility management offering” appeared first on
    Berta Calders
  • “We will make 80 railway stations coworking enabled in Switzerland” 30 June 2020
    Jenny Schäpper is the co-founder of VillageOffice, a cooperative gathering 72 coworking spaces all over Switzerland. VillageOffice promotes new forms of work and is building a nationwide network of VillageOffice coworking spaces. As a cooperative, they build bridges between municipalities, businesses, real estate owners and coworkers. Their vision: by 2030, every person in Switzerland will […]
    Berta Calders
  • Knotel (Top 5 US coworking operator) tells more about Europe expansion plans 25 June 2020
    Frank Zorn is the co-founder of Deskeo, one of the biggest coworking operators in France with 75.000 sqm under management, spread across 50 locations mainly in the Paris and Lyon area. Deskeo is the French arm of the US coworking giant Knotel after Knotel acquired Deskeo last year. The acquisition of Deskeo stepped up Knotel’s […]
    Berta Calders
  • “A financially sustainable Coworking Space in the countryside? Yes, we did it!” – Aurora Coworking 23 June 2020
    Jose Antonio Morales is the founder of a small Coworking Space located in the Slovenian countryside: Aurora Coworking. It has no more than 14 people and Jose Antonio managed to make it financially sustainable. Learn more about his experience in the following interview. Main takeaways The highlights from our conversation with Jose Antonio Morales are […]
    Berta Calders
  • “The Coworking value chain will soon integrate three different kinds of players” 22 June 2020
    Andri Rabetanety is Senior Lecturer in Real Estate Finance at Glion Institute of Higher Education. Expert in the hotel industry, Andri sees a similar economical value chain taking place in the coworking industry. Learn more about Andri’s hotel experience and what he envisions for the coworking industry. Main takeaways The highlights from our conversation with […]
    Berta Calders
  • “Coworking operators still expect 6 very difficult months ahead” – MatchOffice 16 June 2020
    Olga Fomenko is the Global Relations Manager and the Leader of the Market Team at MatchOffice, one of the largest serviced office brokers worldwide based in Denmark and Ukraine. In its yearly Industry report, MatchOffice surveyed 1.472 flex office and coworking providers in 58 countries. According to the 2020 data, 74% of operators and landlords report […]
    Berta Calders
  • “We pivoted our coworking business model to offer Com-PR services” 10 June 2020
    Edouard Cambier is the founder of Seed Factory, a Flex Workspace and Coworking Space operating in Brussels since the early 2000’s. Edouard is also the president of the Belgian Workspace Association (BWA), which gathers more than 200 Belgian Coworking and Flex Workspace members. Find out more about their way through Covid-19 and the consequent learnings […]
    Berta Calders
  • 11 business tips for Coworking Spaces to handle the end of the lockdown 9 June 2020
    We had the pleasure and honor, as, to facilitate a virtual unconference session on Marketing produced by our partners and friends from GCUC. The virtual unconference gathered representatives from coworking space operators located in Massachusetts, California, Illinois, North Carolina, as well as Northern Ireland and even India. Here is a list if 11 business […]
    Jean-Yves Huwart
  • “Our coworking space is moving from a tech to a high tech environment” 8 June 2020
    Barbara Inmann is the Managing Director of Impact Hub Vienna, a coworking space in the heart of Vienna with a diverse community of founders, creatives, investors, established companies and NGOs who have one thing in common: they believe bold, entrepreneurial ideas can change society for the better. Impact Hub Vienna also hosts the HQ of […]
    Berta Calders