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Coworking Europe Hub Agenda

July 7th, 2021

10.30 CET

Officenter (BE): “Regional flex offering works: we are growing our network to a total of 16 locations!”

Interview with Christa Jouck, Managing Director at Officenter (Hasselt, BE)

12.30 CET

“We are now asked to take in charge the management of whole new buildings”

Interview with Sanna Ekström, Co-Founder & Head of Expansion at Mindpark Group AB

11.30 CET

Commenting the 2021 MatchOffice Survey and the tectonic impact on the coworking industry

Talk with Olga Fomenko, Marketing Director at MatchOffice (Copenhagen-Lviv)

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Previous live streams

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June 2nd – 10.30 CET

Talent Garden to pursue its European expansion. What can stop the Italian coworking giant?

Interview with Davide Dattoli, CEO & Co-Founder at Talent Garden

May 5th – 10.00 CET

Presentation of new 2021 data – The European flex workspace industry’s capital structure and investment opportunities

Interview with Jean-Yves Huwart, CEO & Founder at

May 5th – 14.15 CET

Are people back in coworking spaces in Israel, the 1st fully vaccinated country in the world? 

Discussion with Nir Kelner, Chief Executive at Brain Embassy (Tel Aviv)

April 7th – 10.00 CET

Close and re-open in a new location – A story of coworking
resilience during Covid-19 times

Interview to Claire Carpenter from The Melting Pot

April 7th – 12.30 CET

What does it take to digitise building operations
and turn them into platforms of services?

Interview with Andrew Debenham from essensys

March 3rd – 10.00 CET

Opening new coworking locations while Covid19 is still around. What brings the faith up and what are the potential changes?

March 3rd – 12.00 CET

What are companies concrete demands for coworking and satellite offices in early 2021?

March 3rd – 16.30 CET

What are the do’s and don’ts to take into account when creating a coworking space video promotion?

Feb 3rd – 10.15 CET

The 8 different categories
of coworking brands

Feb 3rd – 14.30 CET

Can Audio & Video studios become a new hot selling product
for coworking spaces, just like meeting rooms?

Feb 3rd – 15.15 CET

The CBRE France move towards a flex workspace model
and the company’s learnings for post-Covid (partnership with Deskeo)

June 2nd – 11.30 CET

EDGE – A smart building developper to expand its coworking brand and services internationally

Interview with Vivian Suhr, Director at EDGE Workspaces

May 5th – 11.00 CET

How a regional coworking player has raised almost €1 million during Covid times to expand its network all over Sweden

Interview with Niclas Söör, Founder at DoSpace (Linköping)

April 7th – 11.00 CET

How do property owners develop coworking brands
or services by themselves?

Panel with Spaceflow, Business Link and Deskeo

April 7th – 15.00 CET

Proximity delivered micro-spaces,
a new innovation in remote working?

Interview with Sergiu Babasan from Nooka Space

March 3rd – 11.00 CET

Air filtering, distance… What could become the lasting changes in space layout once the pandemic will be behind us?

March 3rd – 15.00 CET

The Government of Ireland is putting in place one of the most ambitious plan to develop coworking in the countryside

Feb 3rd – 11.15 CET

Coworking and Shopping Malls –
A love story for the coming decade?

Feb 3rd – 15.15 CET

How Blablacar is moving its 700 employees to
and preparing them for their flex workspace future

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