24 October 2017

Coworking Doctors Session – November 10th, Dublin

Coworking Doctors Session – November 10, Dublin Coworking Europe 2017 will host a Coworking Doctors session, on November 10th, in Dublin. A personal issue with your space? An opportunity for your company you don’t know how to handle ? The need for a specific advise ? You can send a question specific to your situation prior to…

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16 October 2017

Coworking Europe 2017 Tour – Dublin

Coworking Europe – Self-guided Dublin Coworking Tour Coworking Europe conference is taking place in Dublin on November 8-10. Dublin is becoming a digital hotspot for the major tech players. More than 15 coworking spaces around Dublin will open their doors to the Coworking Europe conference’s delegates. For the first year, the Coworking Europe Tour will be self-guided. In order…

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27 September 2017

European Freelancers Week 2017

Coworking spaces : support the European Freelancers Week 2017 ! The European Freelancers Week is a single week during which a range of coordinated events take place in many cities across Europe with one main objective : gather independent professionals and make them speak with one voice. Time has come for independent workers across Europe to have their own…

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12 September 2017

Coworking Europe Pitching Contest 2017

Coworking Europe Pitching Contest 2017 Coworking Europe, with the support of .SPACE Domain Names, is proud to announce the organization of the first ever Coworking Pitching Contest, to take place in Dublin, on November 10th, at the Coworking Europe conference. Coworking is one of the most innovative models in nowadays’ collaborative economy. Dozens of new projects…

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28 August 2017

Coworking is no Cantal Cheese

Coworking is no Cantal Cheese As organizers of the Coworking Europe conference, we started in 2010 our journey into the the coworking world. Back then, the coworking scene in many countries was animated by just a handful of very motivated small space managers who did a fantastic job spreading the word and the coworking culture….

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11 May 2017

Coworking Europe 2017 conference to take place in Dublin on November 8-10

Coworking Europe 2017 conference to take place in Dublin (November 8-10) We are proud to announce that the Coworking Europe 2017 conference will take place in Dublin, Ireland, on November 8-9-10. Coworking Europe 2017 will gather close to 500 delegates from more than 50 countries during three days, at te famous Croke Park Stadium in Dublin.   Coworking…

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14 March 2017

How coworking spaces measure business performance

At the most recent Coworking Europe conference, which took place in Brussels in November of last year, Anil George, Head of Operations at 91Springboard, India’s largest Coworking network, facilitated a masterclass on how Coworking spaces measure their business performance. Here is a sum up of the workshop. 1. Determine the right metrics and indicators Coworking spaces, like any…

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31 December 2016

As coworking matures, annual growth slows, a sign of fine tuning and improvement: Results of the Global Coworking Survey

2016 has earned the title of being a difficult year. Luckily, 2016 wasn’t all bad, especially when it comes to coworking. As the movement matures, we see the the annual growth rate slowing down, which is a sign of the industry now focusing on fine tuning and improvement, rather than responding to the excitement of…

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4 July 2016

“Coworking holds the key to success for Hungarian businesses on the international scene”-Kata Klemenz, Loffice Budapest

“Coworking holds the key to success for Hungarian businesses on the international scene” – Kata Klementz, Loffice Budapest Hungary’s first coworking space opened its doors in 2009, setting a new standard of work in the country, and since then, they’ve never looked back. Loffice, like most coworking spaces, wanted to create a space where people could…

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8 April 2016

“You can take inspiration from successful coworking models abroad and fine-tune it to the local needs” – Tom Tran, Toong Coworking (Vietnam)

“You can take inspiration from successful coworking models abroad and fine-tune it to the local needs”-Tom Tran, Toong Coworking (Vietnam) Growing up in Berlin, a city known for its transformative nature and creativity, Tom Tran understood early on the amazing benefits that coworking and hacker-spaces can bring to communities. Today, Tom is an Angel Investor in…

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