17 July 2015

Coworking industry raises close to 1 Billion USD within the last year

Coworking industry raises close to 1 Billion USD within the last year The rapid growth of coworking spaces around the world has redefined how we work. But there is one glaring question: is this workplace model sustainable? Today there are around close to 6,000 spaces worldwide. Yet the coworking movement is still in a stage…

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10 April 2015

Coworking Spain conference 2015

Coworking Spain conference, the major Spanish event related to coworking, is to take place next April 24-25 at Las Naves coworking space. During 2 days the best Spanish experts of coworking and sharing economy will present the latest trends about working, economical and social new models.

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11 February 2015

Coworking Europe 2014 conference (Lisbon, Nov 24-26) – Sum up video

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2 July 2014

The number of coworking spaces exceeds hundred in some cities

With time, coworking is growing as the global mega-trend ones expected it would once become. In some cities, in 2014, the coworking population exceeds a hundred. And far from slowing down, the unfolding of the coworking landscape seems to be accelerating. In some metropoles, coworking is covering the whole urban map. Have a look at some of those…

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16 June 2014

The Coworking wave hits the planet everywhere : 10 astonishing examples

Looking at the Global Coworking Map or any other regularly updated Coworking directory that are now available online, it’s becoming harder to find a coworking space-free area outside low human density territories like Amazonia, Sahara or Siberia. Coworking is covering up more and more regions and cities all around the globe. Although Europe and North America are still ahead…

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10 November 2013

41 countries represented at Coworking Europe 2013

One sleep is separating us from the start of Coworking Europe Conference 2013, so far 301 people have registered from 41 countries, here is the list: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, La Réunion (France), Luxembourg, Malta, Morocco,…

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3 June 2013

Association and cooperation between coworking spaces

Take aways frome the Coworking Europe 2012 Within this conference, different viewpoints from different regions were observed. Within France, coworking is continuing to grow but there is a strong need to become more international while cooperating and sharing spaces more efficiently. Within Canada, coworker leader Ashley described her efforts in Toronto. Volunteers and individualistic projects are…

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30 May 2013

In Barcelona, coworking spaces are popping up in almost every street

Barcelona is on the verge of becoming the city with the highest Coworking spaces density in the world. According to representatives of the local Coworking scene, more than 100 spaces are already in operation across the Catalonia capital city. Some spaces are big (MOB, CREC, Valkiria Hub Space,…). Some spaces are smaller. More are anyway to…

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