31 December 2016

As coworking matures, annual growth slows, a sign of fine tuning and improvement: Results of the Global Coworking Survey

2016 has earned the title of being a difficult year. Luckily, 2016 wasn’t all bad, especially when it comes to coworking. As the movement matures, we see the the annual growth rate slowing down, which is a sign of the industry now focusing on fine tuning and improvement, rather than responding to the excitement of…

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18 November 2016

Take part in the Deskmag Global Coworking Survey

SocialWorkplaces.com, organizer of the Coworking Europe Conference, is proud to be the supporting organization behind the Deskmag Global Coworking Survey, 2017. ANNOUNCING THE 2017 GLOBAL COWORKING SURVEY The Global Coworking Survey is back and ready for your input! Coworking space owners, operators as well as members of coworking spaces from around the world are encouraged to…

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24 November 2015

Today, around half a million people are working in coworking spaces

Today, around half a million people are working in coworking spaces During the annual Coworking Europe Conference in Milan, the first round of results taken from the most recent Global Coworking Survey, brought to you by Deskmag and SocialWorkplaces.com, were presented to eager attendees. The number of coworking spaces continues to increase and in the…

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