29 April 2016

Coworking spaces, social entrepreneurship and the future of Europe: From Davos to Lesvos

Vasili Sofiadellis has been going to Lesvos, the birthplace of his parents, every year for the last 10 years. Last year he traveled to the Greek island with his colleague Paul Keursten, founder of OPEN coworking in South Africa, and was immediately struck by the weight of the current refugee crisis affecting Europe today. Lesvos has…

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15 February 2016

Coworking seeks to help refugees

Coworking is often considered to be a conduit to address various needs faced by communities, whether that be the lack of affordable infrastructure, community and support. For today’s freelancers, entrepreneurs and creative thinkers, coworking spaces have been a godsend, helping individuals to avoid isolation and find success in their professional lives. Yet, aside from the…

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