31 December 2016

As coworking matures, annual growth slows, a sign of fine tuning and improvement: Results of the Global Coworking Survey

2016 has earned the title of being a difficult year. Luckily, 2016 wasn’t all bad, especially when it comes to coworking. As the movement matures, we see the the annual growth rate slowing down, which is a sign of the industry now focusing on fine tuning and improvement, rather than responding to the excitement of…

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17 June 2016

“Our biggest challenge is keeping the original flavour of coworking while assuring profitability”-Fernando Mendes, NOW_ Lisbon

“Our biggest challenge? To preserve the original flavour of coworking while assuring profitability for our space”- Fernando Mendes, NOW_ Lisbon When Miguel Muñoz Duarte, CEO of iMatch started looking for a new space incubator, he teamed up with CoworkingLisboa and went off to do some field work. Ultimately finding a beautiful 4.000 square meters (sqm)…

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