31 October 2019

The Coworking Tour 2019 around Warsaw

Warsaw, Coworking Tour 2019 One of the coolest things happening alongside the conference is the Coworking Tour. This year, we are visiting the Warsaw coworking scene. IMPORTANT INFOS: The Coworking Tour takes place from Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th. This is mostly a self-guided tour. See opening hours of each space below. Group tours: if you... Read More
24 May 2019

Unlocking the European coworking potential

Unlocking the European coworking potential The Coworking Europe Conference celebrates its 10th edition this year. What we claimed in the early days is now becoming a reality: coworking is inexorably disrupting the traditional office model on the whole continent – but the market is far from being homogeneous. The coworking space has undoubtedly become more…

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25 April 2019

Coworking Europe 2019 in Warsaw: what to expect!

Coworking Europe 2019 in Warsaw: what to expect! The biggest international event dedicated to Coworking will cover a global sector examination and in-depth exploration into the different facets of the flexible workspace industry The Coworking Europe Conference 2019 will take place on November 13-15th in Warsaw, Poland, for its 10th edition. 600+ professionals (coworking space…

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4 January 2017

SmartOffice and KantoorKaravaan: Winners of the Coworking Europe Awards

For the first time ever, Coworking Europe hosted the Coworking Europe Awards in 2016. The event included two categories, one for best design and one for best community action. Spaces and operators submitted their concepts and projects to be voted on by the coworkers from around the world. The awards allowed for Coworking Europe to showcase some of…

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21 November 2016

Coworking Europe Best Design Awards

Coworking Europe Best Design Awards For the first time ever, we are hosting the Coworking Europe Awards. Here we give a detailed overview of each space that applied for the Best Design category. Winners will be judged on which space incorporates the most original design, also taking into account not only aesthetic, but the message…

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