31 October 2019

The Coworking Tour 2019 around Warsaw

Warsaw, Coworking Tour 2019 One of the coolest things happening alongside the conference is the Coworking Tour. This year, we are visiting the Warsaw coworking scene. IMPORTANT INFOS: The Coworking Tour takes place from Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th. This is mostly a self-guided tour. See opening hours of each space below. Group tours: if you... Read More
25 October 2018

Coworking Europe 2018 – Amsterdam Coworking Tour

Coworking Europe 2018 – Amsterdam Coworking Tour Dear delegates, here are the plannings and practical information for the self-guided Amsterdam Coworking Tour 2018. Here below, will you find the calendar of visits as well as the list of participating coworking spaces. Before going through the whole planning, please pay attention to the following points :…

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16 October 2017

Coworking Europe 2017 Tour – Dublin

Coworking Europe – Self-guided Dublin Coworking Tour Coworking Europe conference is taking place in Dublin on November 8-10. Dublin is becoming a digital hotspot for the major tech players. More than 15 coworking spaces around Dublin will open their doors to the Coworking Europe conference’s delegates. For the first year, the Coworking Europe Tour will be self-guided. In order…

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