9 March 2021

Best practices for producing promotional videos for coworking spaces

Best practices for producing promotional videos for coworking spaces Online booking platforms are growing in importance in the sales processes of coworking spaces. However, spaces still keep communicating about their services and experience only through pictures. Spaces are missing the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the crowd and share their vibe. MatchOffice, one of the…

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1 February 2019

CWE 2019 in Warsaw

Coworking Europe 2019 is heading East! We are very happy that the Coworking Europe Conference 2019 edition will take place in Warsaw on November 13th, 14th and 15th. For the first time, and for its 10th anniversary, the Conference is going to Eastern Europe where we plan to experience a young, but extremely fast growing…

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18 November 2016

Take part in the Deskmag Global Coworking Survey

SocialWorkplaces.com, organizer of the Coworking Europe Conference, is proud to be the supporting organization behind the Deskmag Global Coworking Survey, 2017. ANNOUNCING THE 2017 GLOBAL COWORKING SURVEY The Global Coworking Survey is back and ready for your input! Coworking space owners, operators as well as members of coworking spaces from around the world are encouraged to…

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