Alain Brossé, CEO of Industrious Europe

Alain Brossé is the founder of Welkin and Meraki, now part of the growing US based international coworking operator Industrious, listed by Inc Magazine among the 500 Fastest-Growing Companies. He now leads the European operations of Industrious in Europe.

As an International, Multi-lingual, Highly Driven Executive with over 25 years experience within EMEA, Alain has been part of boards and executive teams where he provided expert leadership and assistance with a broad focus on all business segments. As an accomplished corporate strategist, he has also delivered strategies and innovative visions which fueled swift and consistent target over-achievements based on expertise from several C-level missions in the field.

Alain Brossé co-founded Welkin & Meraki in 2017.

Before, he had co-founded the TRIBES Inspiring Workplaces coworking company in The Netherlands.