Alexandra Livesey, COO at Clockwise (UK)

Since joining the company in 2020, Alexandra set an ambitious goal for Clockwise: to become the leading flexible workspace operator in Europe. However, she has always maintained that she will only consider the business to be a success if she can demonstrate it has scaled in a way that creates a positive impact on people, places, and the planet.

In only three years she has grown Clockwise from less than 20 employees to nearly 100, from three sites to 13 in the UK, and recently opened the first Clockwise location on the continent in Brussels. During 2023 she will oversee the extension of the existing UK portfolio by 50,000 sqft and the opening of 250,000 sqft in mainland Europe, with openings in new countries, The Netherlands and Germany.

During her tenure, she has successfully grown a strong leadership team and championed the development of values that form a bedrock for the business, a north star for everyone. She has championed the implementation and improvement of fundamental business tools; learning and development programs, a CRM, a property management system, a data warehouse, and finance tools; equipping the business for future growth.

Alex is an innovator; she challenges the status quo and in the last three years has driven a huge amount of positive change. She brings to Clockwise great business acumen but also heart. While she has successfully led the business through a period of transformation, she has done this without compromising her unfaltering belief that for a company to thrive, its people need to thrive. She is convinced that the new breed of future-focused leadership puts an equal emphasis on the wellbeing of people, and on the commercial and strategic objectives of the business.