Ashley Proctor, executive producer GCUC Canada (Toronto)

As one of the original voices of the coworking movement, Ashley has been building collaborative communities since 2003. Ashley designed and launched the Xpace (2004), Creative Blueprint (2006, 2015), and Foundery (2011) coworking communities, artist studios & event spaces in Toronto, ON and Seattle, WA.

As one of the founding members of the Coworking Toronto and Coworking Ontario collectives, Ashley also created COHIP — the world’s first Coworking Health Insurance Plan — providing affordable and accessible health and dental benefits for independent workers and small businesses across Canada.

For the past 3 years, Ashley served as the Executive Director of 312 Main, leading a team to establish Canada’s largest Centre for Social and Economic Innovation in the heart of the Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.

As an artist and serial entrepreneur, Ashley is in her element while destroying the term ‘impossible’ and creating opportunities for meaningful human connections. She is happiest when leading a passionate team of community builders, and is currently consulting on collaborative projects around the world.