Barbara Sprenger, The Satellite Centers (Santa Monica, CA)

Barbara is co-founder and CEO of The Satellite Centers and Satellite Deskworks. The company started their first cowork center in 2009 and has 6 operating today. The Satellite team has worked from the beginning to build community-based centers that are automated, efficiently run, open 24/7, and can operate effectively with just one staffperson. Satellite Deskworks, the cloud-based, comprehensive and intuitive cowork management software created by the company, makes all of this possible.

Barbara holds degrees in Economics and Public Policy. She previously co-founded Mountaingate Engineering, developing innovative equipment to meet Clean Air Act requirements and building the business internationally. With her patent for an innovative induction heating system from her Mountaingate work, she has just received approval for Deskworks’ patent for its innovative tracking of usage from multiple sources against membership plans in shared workspaces right through to automated invoicing and billing.

Barbara is passionately concerned about the changing workplace and its impact, both good and bad, on families, communities, the environment, and bottom lines.