Brett Hartle, Director of Sales – Europe of Upflex (Warsaw)

Brett has nearly a decade of experience in the real estate industry working internationally, both in the US and Europe. His career has developed along with the evolution of workplaces – he started working with traditional commercial office cores, then moved to the development of modern workplaces, and is now involved in the flexible office market. His previous employers include Skanska and WeWork. Currently, he is responsible for sales activities in Europe with Upflex. Upflex provides a new subscription-based service to the coworking market that allows clients to access thousands of flex spaces through one centralized agreement and mobile application. Upflex provides an alternative revenue source for coworking operators and exposure to new clients.

Brett has become an advocate of hybrid lease models as he believes it meets the real needs of organizations while also providing the desired flexibility for employees. Even though his two passions of workplace trends and sports seem unrelated, he can usually find a great analogy that put the two together.