Charlie MacGregor, founder The Student Hotel Group (Amsterdam)

Charlie MacGregor is the founder of The Student Hotel Group.

In a short space of time The Student Hotel, he has created a hybrid concept hotel marking a new chapter for hotel living where leisure and business travelers and students share contemporary. In March 2017 they opened TSH Collab, the first Student Hotel coworking space at the flagship Amsterdam City property.

The Student Hotel has ambitious expansion plans with a target of 41 properties (17,550 beds) in key European cities by 2021 and is looking for development opportunities in the UK and Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands. The Student Hotel group has over €1.8bn to invest to reach its 2021 goal.

The group has three investors – founder Charlie MacGregor, Aermont Capital LLP and APG. Together they have made more than €600m in investments to date.

The Student Hotel is a home-away-from-home for a fast growing international community of student talent, offering a unique, ready-made social scene and network among the company of like-minded people, alongside designer hotel suites for leisure travelers and short-stay micro-living apartments available for a few weeks to a few months.