Claire Carpenter, Founder & CEO at The Melting Pot (Edinburgh)

Claire founded The Melting Pot – Scotland’s Center for Social innovation – and one of the world’s’ first coworking spaces back in 2005. Claire is an Award-winning non-profit leader, a successful social entrepreneur, and an excellent executive coach.

By gathering and galvanising people into a grassroots business development team, and harnessing their commitment and skills, Claire created her dream – or her nightmare – depending on the day! 

In 2007 she opened an innovative ‘shared resource base’ for a niche audience in the UKs second most expensive city, 1 month before the global economic crash. Voila! A coworking hub for social innovators was born!

Since then, under Claire’s constant leadership, the organisation has gone from strength to strength. We continue to innovate – to develop partnerships, initiatives and programmes that help people and organisations make social change. This includes helping other placemakers create local hubs around the world (Coworking Accelerator) and by helping social impact leaders develop their ideas for change (Good Ideas) and gain momentum.

During the recent Covid-Crisis, the team pivoted, mobilised and moved locations, scaling up and relocating to an even better city-centre location, and doubling their Membership in under a year.

Claire continues to lead the business’ development, specifically focusing on routes to increase impact – through partnerships, projects, knowledge transfer, and provides executive coaching to a range of aspiring and senior leaders. Find her here.