Claire Carpenter, Coach (Founder & former CEO) (Edinburgh)

I help people understand, plan for & then live their wildest dreams.

I’m an ‘OG’ in ‘Coworking’ & award-winning entrepreneur  (for whatever that’s worth…)

I  created one of Europes’ oldest coworking communities – housed within The Melting Pot – Scotland’s Centre for Social Innovation, located in Edinburgh.

After 20 years of being the ‘social innovator-in-residence’,  of building a variety of services that ‘stimulate & support social innovation’, & then rescuing & scaling up our coworking arm during the Covid years –  it is time for me to switch. A change is as good as  a rest.

I now focus on coaching & mentoring others, some consultancy & facilitation – and going climbing (whilst we can travel again…).

We all need to live our dreams. Will you tell me yours?