Cristina Trilles, CEO of Vortex Coworking (Spain)

Cristina founded Vortex Coworking in Valencia (Spain) in 2018; first opening Vortex Playa located by the beach, followed by Vortex Centro in the heart of Valencia two years later, and is now looking into expanding to more locations.

The vision of Vortex is to create a fun and inspiring work experience that adds value to the lives of its community. We do this by offering workspaces with soul, on vibrant locations, with a charming interior and a curated community. Our spaces are medium size, which helps to create a cozy vibe and a community that organically consolidates and grows.

Cristina has a background in Engineering, and before becoming a entrepreneur with Vortex, she worked in the renewable energy industry and lived in several countries while doing so. Before returning to Spain, Cristina dedicated a year to explore, travel and live the coworker experience in coworking spaces around the world. Which was big fun, she says.