Davide Dattoli, Co-Founder and CEO of Talent Garden (Milan)

Davide Dattoli is founder and CEO of Talent Garden, Europe’s leading platform for digital tech business community. Talent Garden network provides coworking spaces, future skills education, Corporate Transformation help for 150 big corporates and various innovation projects and activities in 23 campuses across 8 countries. The ultimate mission is to build a physical platform for digital humankind by creating local, vibrant campuses that empower digital tech communities and connect them globally. Today Talent Garden is counting 4.500 members, training 3.000 professionals and students and hosting over 100.000 attendees at the events every year.
Davide is a selected member of a global 5% top Endeavor Entrepreneurs movement. He holds Forbes 30 Under 30 list in Europe, WIRED nomination as one of the TOP 5 innovators in Italy. Davide is also a board member of the largest Italian venture incubator Digital Magics and Be, the leading listed pan-European consulting and ICT provider for companies within the finanical service sector.
Prior to founding Talent Garden, he was working on digital strategies at Conde Nast and was consulting a dozen of international companies on digitalization. Meanwhile running businesses, he’s studying (but not finish) Economic and Finance at International School LIUC in Milan & did some executive course at Stanford University and Harvard Business school.